Mas Village

The football field and the big banyan tree within the village notes the center of Mas village. However, since it become a known tourist stop for fine wood carving, galleries and workshop building are stretched starting from intersection of Sakah, where a huge baby statue stand in the middle, until another intersection up north at Teges Village. Small lanes on the left or right side of the main road are the houses of the woodcarvers and mask makers. Visitors can enter any houses with sign at front gates to see the artist at work and get a better price than the galleries on the main road.

Since the 1930s the subject use for carving slightly change become more realistic and contemporary such as people with their daily activities, animals, Buddha’s and many other abstract figures. Formerly, carvings were made only for religious purposes and featured exclusively traditional characters from the Mahabarata and Ramayana.

Comparing to other carving village, wood carving in Mas village are made from high quality wood including sandal and crocodile wood. It usually unpainted, and smoothly carved.